June 30, 2011


Italy struck me today in the form of lunch. I made a southernized version of panzanella salad, with anchovies and red pepper flakes added to the usual dish. And, in Italian fashion, had a little red wine alongside. Hey, it was 10 p.m. in Italy, so why not? I had company, as you can see ...

What are we having?

I've had a creative day, writing at the battered picnic table out in the garden. Working on a short story (I think - maybe a long story) that's going very well and I'm really into. It's finally good enough weather to be outside. I prefer writing outside, where my mind has space to wander and imagine scenes. I never compose first drafts on the computer (except for blogs). I like the feel of the pencil on paper and the slower pace of hand writing allows me to think of just the right word. I write in pencil because I feel less constrained, more free to change later. Just a personal, psychological thing. Now that I've had lunch, I'll go play with my words some more - and dream up some new recipes while I'm at it.


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