December 4, 2007

December Adventures

Is it possible to be poisoned by adrenaline? First the near rollover on Saturday in the snow (and there's much more wrong with the car than originally thought), now hurricane force winds from Sunday night through Monday that were *&!!~#**% scary!!! NO sleep Sunday night, as the entire night was spent moving from room to room to avoid what trees were most likely to hit the house. Winds were sustained at 70 mph, with 100 mph gusts. Arcing power lines lit up the night. Slept in the living room, as the tree on the right in this photo was aimed right for the bedroom, but it went the opposite way, thank God. Actually, ALL 6 trees fell extremely politely and I appreciate that. The one aimed at the pump house miraculously missed it by a foot, the big one here is precariously leaning on two others and they will have to be brought down. I moved the cars in time to miss another tree falling, which centered itself on the gatepost, somehow missing the house and the gate, and so it's possible to get in and out in the usual way. Two fences are wrecked, but all the animals, the house and we are fine. We got power back tonight (four days ahead of schedule) and therefore, we have water again!!! I can take a bath! YAY! Widespread flooding in our county isn't affecting us. Now, for the big cleanup. Well, the positive notes are that there is plenty of firewood for next winter (again) and all the treefall gives me plenty of material for making wreaths and swags! I put the giant candycanes back up on the entry, rehung the garlands and will continue with Christmas. Storm, accidents or what the hell else be damned! Now somebody give me a piece of divinity and a Christmas hug!

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