May 7, 2008


Nicholas decided to "help", as I planted seeds in flats and generally just puttered in the greenhouse today. The day was sunny, but the wind was quite cool, so the comfy warmth was just what I wanted.

The fig tree I have planted permanently in the back of the greenhouse has just leafed out -- I hope for fruit again this year. Last year was such a cool summer that nothing happened. I looove figs! Today's plantings were: another batch of butterhead and oak leaf lettuces, parsley root, celery root and more basil. No such thing as too much basil! The scent of pesto is green electricity to the nose, in my opinion. Heady with garlic, zippy basil, pine nuts, fresh Parmigiano ... knowing it will soon bathe hot pasta ... ungghhh. Seriously happy eating!

Already in the ground are leeks, sweet onions, potatoes, red and green cabbages, spinach and pac choi. I'm fairly sure the last frost has occurred (???), so it's time for the big push to get the rest of the garden in. Then it's the battle to keep the chickens from foraging among the tender seedlings! The rhubarb is going mad...I have more than anyone could possibly use. Tonight's dessert is rhubarb raspberry crumble.

I'm grateful to have such a big vegetable and herb garden -especially in the current economy. It'll be even more valuable this year, to be able to walk outside and harvest dinner! Wish I could have each one of you come share in it!

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