June 23, 2008


Today we treated a kitten at the veterinary hospital ~ a Canada Lynx kitten! You can see his long tufts of hair on the ear tips. One of our clients is certified in big cat rescue and this kitten was brought to her from a local Indian tribe. His mother was discovered dead and this one was in the den, thin and weak. As you can see, he is strong and gorgeous now. It isn't every day I get to kiss a lynx! Even at this young age of 6 weeks, the wildness is in his eyes. He also doesn't purr or meow like a domestic cat ~ he makes gurgly, growling and screeching noises.

His future will be to become an ambassador for his species ~ visiting schools to educate children about the big cats and wildlife, in general. I will update further, as we see him as he grows.

Canada Lynx Facts:

  • Meat is on the menu for lynx, and the meat of choice is snowshoe hare. It took extensive field studies to determine how and why these two species interact to such a great extent. Fluctuations in populations of both are closely linked. Many other carnivores compete for the same prey as the lynx's but only the lynx is as skilled at catching elusive and quick hares. Hare makes up the bulk of the diet, but a lynx will sustain itself on squirrels, grouse, rodents or even domestic animals.
  • Lynx feet seem overly large for their body size. The well-furred feet impart nearly silent movement and act as snowshoes in winter. The footprint of this cat is larger than a human hand. With its long legs, the lynx can travel rapidly while trailing evasive prey in the tight confines of a forest. Like other cats, it is not built for fast, long-distance running ~ it generally stalks and ambushes its prey.
  • This cat is primarily an inhabitant of the boreal forest, across Canada and Alaska. Also found in the northern Cascade mountains of Washington and Oregon. The most likely place to see one is in the Selkirk Mountains.
  • It is rare to see a lynx in the wild, even if you happen to be in prime lynx territory. It's far more likely the lynx is watching you...silently...assessing.

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Rowena said...

Hi Gayle,
Thanks for leaving that first comment! I wasn't sure if the post would be taken as unpatriotic or heaven-knows-what-else. Even if I were not living in Italy, the whole nonsense of banning the practice of drying laundry outdoors is still incredibly ridiculous.

But now to this post on the canadian lynx kitten! He is just gorgeous! As a hiker, I've a great fondness for wild creatures, so reading about this kitten was a sweet surprise. I hope you'll do occasional updates on how he's doing!


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