September 18, 2008

PIGGIES !!! and Horses, Goats, etc. etc.

Well, I got my fix at the state fair yesterday. Got kisses from cows, pigs, goats and bunnies and I'm pretty sure I fell in love with a draft horse. My friend and I spent 6 hours at the fair, the entire time in the animal barns. Great fun! If someone had offered me a pig, I'd probably have arrived home with him in the back seat.

This is the horse I fell in love with - his name was Flash. He is a dapple grey Percheron. Height is 17.5 hands. Big, BIG horse. The second photo is of Ritchie. At the draft horse exhibition, there were Clydesdales, Belgians, Percherons, Spotted Drafts and the little Shetlands. Just gorgeous and awesome to watch in action. I have some video I'll post of the cart-pulling demonstration.

Great day, learned some things, and came home as tired as this Himalayan rabbit! 

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Rowena said...

I love farm fairs, the animals always steal the show! I think the last one we went to was all geared toward goats and donkeys--really had no idea how many types of goats there are!

Thanks for the comment on the owls. I am so grateful for having owls as neighbors but I think I've always liked them anyway. Funny thing is, is that I only recently noticed that I already had one on my page! The link image for Tripadvisor is none other than Mr. Owl!


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