August 13, 2009


In the dark center of the night, coyote calls. Yipping, howling, barks of energetic communion with their pack ... the sound echoes back to me here. I stand under the summer sky, red-tinged Mars overhead, and listen. Tonight, I can hear the pups yipping, too. Imitating their elders in a higher pitch, shorter calls. The whole group is barking at once, like a bunch of Italians after dinner. I feel blessed to hear them, to know they are out there, living wild.


Anonymous said...

Like a bunch of Italians BARKING after dinner? Hmmmm, am I supposed to be insulted??

Gayle said...

HEE! Okay, how about "like a bunch of Italians all talking at once after dinner" ... Better?

Anonymous said...

MUCH better :)


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