September 5, 2009


Bright, vibrant color and fresh flavors that are true to taste are the best benefits of having a vegetable garden! I didn't know what was out there, nor what I would cook. So, I went out to see what the garden had in store for me. As you can see from the pic, I got quite a haul! The dishes I decided to cook were a Mangalore chicken curry and Fall River Vegetable Stew, from the Moosewood cookbook. The flavors are rich and full ~ one of our summer favorites. Just stirring it makes me feel healthy! I'll use the rest of the potatoes (planted five varieties) in an oyster stew.

Besides the veggies, I brought in great bunches of flowers to put in vases throughout the house. I always like to have enough flowers in the garden to be able to cut bouquets for my spirit. I hope that, whether or not you have your own garden, that you're taking in the late summer days and enjoying their energy. I wish I could have all of you at my table!

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