June 9, 2010

CARBONARA - Fresh as it Gets!

The pancetta I made with my friend has finished it's wet cure and is now dry curing. It cures for 5-7 days. It's been three days so far and it already smells amazing! I'm going to sneak some - cut a bit off the end - and make spaghetti carbonara for dinner. Mmmmmm. I have the homemade pancetta, fresh eggs from this morning, dairy cream in the bottle which has a lovely layer of thickness on the top (gimme a spoon!), loads of beautiful parsley in the garden and even some guanciale from Mario Batali's dad's shop in Seattle. The spaghetti is going to be sublime! I can already hear the angels singing.

I make a hybrid of Marcella Hazan's and Mario Batali's recipes, since I like a little from each one. Yes garlic, no wine, yes parsley, etc. I can't wait for dinner. Time to chill the wine ...

Eggs courtesy of Lola the Langshan, et al.


Rowena... said...

Making your own pancetta?! Now that is impressive, and I hope you'll write more on this. As far as I'm concerned, it all looks italian to me! Thanks for stopping by as I've been mired in transferring my feeds to a more reliable reader(!) and of course misplaced some in the process. That's what I get for wanting a goal of at least 200!

Gayle said...

Well, Rowena, you're one of the best on the net, so a goal of 200 - no problem!
I did write about one of my first meat fests in January. There will be more charcuterie posts to come. It's such fun to experiment. And, since I don't live in Italy (yet), I have to fill my salumi needs this way!

Natalee said...

chickens...squeeeee!! and making pancetta, you are fabulous!

Natalee said...

chickens....squeeee!! Making your own pancetta how awesome (even from a non pig eater...starting to turn pig eater in older age :) )

Anonymous said...

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