March 23, 2009


Birds have been a theme for me, lately. I saw my first loons and eastern cardinals this week, when I was in Maine. 

Today, as I was walking toward the coop to put the chickens to bed, I found this beautiful, green egg on the path. I picked it up, looked overhead, noting there were no trees from which it could have fallen. It was just out in the open. I mentally took a roll 
call of all the birds in the garden at this time of year, then consulted my bird references. The only one that fits is an egg from a Stellar's jay. Perhaps it's the first laying year for a female jay and she was taken by surprise? I know our newest chickens are always appalled when they lay their first egg and we can find the eggs almost anywhere until they "get it". 

Whatever the scientific reasons for why this egg was where I found it, I take it as an offering from nature. To remind me of the renewal, growth and vitality of springtime.  

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